I am a student at Boise State University studying Games Interactive Media and Mobile with a minor in Music. I aspire to be a software developer, and I have had a wide variety of experience creating engaging software experiences. With my experience in front end agile development, as well as experience with numerous creative programs, I believe I can be an asset in any workplace.

Software Developer & Creator

  • Birthday: 9 December 1997
  • Website: leerasmussen.com
  • City: Boise, Idaho
  • Age: 23
  • Degree: Games Interactive Media and Mobile
  • Email: Contact Me

I believe that the skills that I have learned during college and through work experience would lend themselves to any creative position. With my broad swath of skills and knowledge I can adapt to any environment or task, and with my experience working and attending school at the same time, my work ethic is strong.


I am improving my skills every day, but here are some of my most honed skills.

C# 80%
HTML 70%
CSS 70%
C++ 60%
JavaScript 60%
Davinci Resolve 80%
Adobe Premeire70%
Clip Studio Paint 60%